Carroll Companies

  • What is it? ATM on Steroids:

    • Fully managed turn-key solutions
    • Next-gen web technologies
    • State of the art security concepts
    • Complete back end management tools
    • Dynamic KYC / AML rules based on product / location
    • Multi-lingual and brandable
    • Unique marketing opportunities
  • What the Kiosk can provide today

    • Long Distance Calling Cards
    • International Mobile Phone Reload
    • Gift Cards (200+)
    • Bill Payment (30,000 utilities!)
    • Instant issue Prepaid Debit Card & Reloads (*3 qtr 2014)
    • Crypto currency (Vouchers & Direct)
  • Hardware

    • Low power consumption, ARM based platform with secure, customized Linux OS
    • Large, bright 19” Touch Screen
    • Industry Leading cash acceptor (1000 notes)
    • Document scanner + LED Lighting (doubles as QR reader)
    • Fast, high quality receipt printer
    • Secure, heavy steel enclosure
    • LAN, Wifi and GSM connectivity
    • Design & Fabrication in the US
  • Manufacturing

    • Scalable  to thousands of machines per month
    • Kiosks can be customized in batches and even on a per unit basis
    • Kiosks drop-shipped directly to locations
    • Complete QA process prior to shipping
    • Manufacturing partner stocks Kiosks for immediate deployment opportunities
  • Software

    • User friendly UI/UX
    • Infinite Apps, remotely pushed to Kiosks
    • Anyone can develop and submit apps with our simple SDK
    • Apps are multi-lingual and designed to be ADA compliant
  • Advantages

    • Reduce staff requirements
    • Eliminate mistakes or fraud related to cash handling
    • Reduce or eliminate long queues
    • Sell thousands of new and exciting products with ease
    • Eliminate the need to stock physical cards (gift/debit cards)
    • Extremely simple to use / Zero learning curve (for both consumers and operators)
    • No need to teach store staff anything beyond replacing paper (and not even)
    • Works anywhere, anytime
    • The kiosk speaks any language
    • Reduce costs to consumer
    • Bring new traffic to stores from online consumers (who pay for goods in cash)
    • Far cheaper and more versatile than human sales staff
    • Real-time view of entire kiosk fleet

Consumer Experience

Here’s how a consumer loads credits onto a phone: Simple and fast!

How is it managed?

Sophisticated Back-end system shows Kiosk locations and how much cash is in each Kiosk.

Multiple reporting and statistics.

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